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Healing Spells



If You Want To Overcome Obstacles And Change Your Life,  Health and Happiness  Then A Health and Healing Spell Will Make This Happen For You!

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A Magic Healing Spells Can

Transform You Into A Happier

And Healthier Person Fast!

Bella is a successful spell master who has helped thousands of people change their Life, Health and happiness by overcoming blockages with her Healing Spell. Health and Healing Spells are an excellent way to ensure that good health, healing and harmony you need in your life comes to you.  A healing spell is most beneficial in removing blockages that are holding you back or when you feel unable to move forward due to external forces.

Healing spells can be cast for all types of healing including physical, emotional, mental and emotional.  When Bella casts a healing spell for a client she requests the details of the healing required so she can specifically target what the problems may be.

The outcome of a spell happens at the right time and is different for each person and situation. The outcome of your spell can happen within hours or may take days or weeks to come.

As everyone’s situation is completely different it is important to design a specific magick witchcraft spells to bring forth a positive response that you so wish to have in your life.

Bella  Offers Unique Health

And Healing Spells To Bring

Forth The Energies You

Need To Change Your Life


Bella’s Healing Spells:


Healing Spell To Make Everybody Like You
Healing Spell To Be Healthy and Vibrant
Healing Spell To Be Energetic
Healing Spell To Heal Your Aura
Healing Spell To Heal Your Inner Spirit
Healing Spell To Heal And Balance Your Chakras
Healing Spell To Stop Drinking Alcohol
Healing Spells To Stop Using Drugs
Healing Spell To Be Happy And Overcome Blockages That Are Holding You Back
Healing Spell To Overcome Sadness
Healing Spells To Overcome Illness
Healing Spells To Feel Confident and Empowered
Healing Spells To Feel Special and Loved
Healing Spell To Stop Eating After A Failed Relationship
Healing Spell To Eat Healthy Food
Healing Spell To Fall Pregnant

Healing Spell To Stop People Being Nasty and Unkind
Healing Spell to Stop People Spreading Vicious Rumors

Book Your Healing Spell Now And Feel The Power Of Being Healed And Free Of The Issues That Were Holding You Back In The Past



Spell Cast Once
Daily For 3 days


Stronger x 3

Spell Cast Three Times A Day For
Over 7 days


Most Powerful

Spell Cast Three Times Day A For 30


All healing spells are the same price.  Once you have purchased the healing spell you will receive and email requesting the details needed for this spell to be completed as all healing spells are custom designed to suit your specific needs.

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If you desire different healing spell Bella is  able to design a specific spell for you and your situation.  All  healing spells are performed using white light spells techniques which will never cause anyone any harm.

**** Healing Spells or any spell should never be used in place of Professional Health Care Services.  If you feel unwell or not coping please contact your Medical Doctor for professional medical diagnosis, and follow the advice given for your care.****

You may select more than one spell as often this is necessary to clear all blocks surrounding your situation and bring forth the desire you wish, in the fastest possible time.

If you are having difficulty finding the right spell for you, contact me on bellasspells@gmail.com and I can assist you.

You may book spells for different areas of your life ie love and finances together or even two spells from the same category,and they will be cast for you at the same time. Combining two or more spells raises the intensity of the fire of energy and is actually a powerful boost to the success of your spell, although booking two or more spells is not required for the successful outcome of your spell.

Remember Once Inside The Shopping Cart You Will Be Able To Adjust The Number Of Spells You Require.