Protection Spells


Protection Spells

Everyone Needs Protection At Some

Point In There Life And A Protection

Spell Works Beautifully In Keeping

You Safe And Protected

Protection Spells are powerful and one that everyone needs, as its very easy to absorb other peoples harmful negative  energy. This can happen much quicker than you realize.

About Harmful Energies And Why You Need A Protection Spell

Many people seek a protection spell as they feel their live is being blocked or harmful energies are surround their lives.  These negative energies are transmitted to them from others either intentionally or by people who do not realize what they are doing or the fact they don’t realize they have negative energies attached to their aura.

People who send negative energies to others are often very unhappy within their own lives and refuse to face some truths and action  regarding their current situation.

Negative energy sent by others can be very harmful.  It can cause illness, break up relationships, cause fights and arguments, problems at work or with friends, family and loved ones.

Protection Spells Can Be Used For

  • Love Life and relationships
  • Ex Partners
  • Health
  • Work and Career
  • Families
  • Money and Finances
  • Neighbours
  • The Home
  • Negative People

You can easily protect yourself from any harmful energies with a Protection Spell which places a white shield of white light around you, your circumstances, your relationship, marriage, home, everything in your life including your pets.

White light protection spells are very powerful in blocking unwanted energies affecting your life.  They have even been known to stop a divorce.

You can also have a protection spell casted around you and a loved one to keep the relationship safe and from any external potentially harmful energy.

How Do I Know If  Someone Is Sending Me Harmful Negative Energy?

Most often people will have that 6th sense feeling that something is wrong although often they don’t know exactly what is not right.  They may feel unwell, headaches, unsettled, suffering from feelings like anxiety and depression.  Often when negative energy attacks people they may experience relationship problems, loss of  job or missing that promotion.  The nastier the source of this negative energy the more difficulties they can inflict on an innocent person.

A protection spell will stop all negative and unwanted energies reaching you auric field and the outer circumstances of your life, whilst  powerfully reflecting  the energies back to where they came from.

If you wish to feel safe and protected from any form of negativity click here to  book one of  Bella’s Protection Spells



Spell Cast Once
Daily For 3 days


Stronger x 3

Spell Cast Three Times A Day For
Over 7 days


Most Powerful

Spell Cast Three Times Day A For 30


Once you have purchased your desired spell you will receive and email requesting the details needed for this spell to be completed as all spells are custom designed to suit your needs.

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