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Are Spells Safe?

Spells are safe as long as the person performs the spells with a desire to manifest situations for the highest good of all, meaning that no one gets harmed in the process.

What Sort Of Energy Do You Use In Your Spells

I often get asked this question and I laugh to myself.  Spells are not harmful or evil, in fact they are quiet the opposite.  The energy used is simply connecting to the energies of the Universe or Life Force Energy, which is something we were all given at birth, although many people have lost this natural inner ability as they grew older.

I have a natural gift which allows me to  spiritually connect myself with your energies and clear blockages surrounding you and your life situations to bring forth energies which will allow you to have what you dream of  in life.

What Do You Use In Your Spell Casting?

I use pure white light energies from the Universe, meditation, crystal, herbs, plants and special oils which allows me to connect to the energies to heal and manifest.

Can I Do This Myself?

Yes you can but you do need to learn the correct techniques to bring forth energies required for success. Naturally this is your choice.  I offer assistance to those who just want results and not interested in learning and practising how to do this themselves.

How Long Before My Spell Is Casted?

Following payment and  I receive your details your spell will be casted within 4 days.  I will email you with the details when completed.

If you booked an Emergency Reading  your spell will be casted within 24 hours and often within a few hours, but I do have to allow for different world time zones.

How Will I Know If My Spell Has Been Casted?

You will receive an email from me informing you your spell is completed.

I’m Not Sure Which Type Of Spell I Need?

You may contact me regarding this although I would strongly suggest you take advantage of my Special Price Psychic Reading below to reveal the truth and outcomes of your life destiny.  A Psychic Reading will  show you clearly what type of spell you need to manifest your heart desires.

I’m Feeling Nervous?

I can assure you there is nothing to be afraid of.  I am an experienced spell master and my spell are performed using White Light Energy.  I work very closely with the Angels, Archangels, Fairies and Spirit.  You are in very safe hands.  All spells are performed for the highest good of all.

I recommend you book yourself a psychic reading which can be used following  your spell casting ,as this allows you to discuss your spell and reveal what to expect in the future

How Can I Check How My Spell Is Working?

You can book a psychic reading at any time and I connect with your energies and tell you how your spell is working and what you can expect to unfold.

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