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Old Witches Spells For Fertility Spells

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Old Witches Spell For Fertility – Spells That Work

Looking for an Old Witches Spell For Fertility and one that works?

For those who are trying to fall pregnant and finding it difficult to conceive a Fertility Spell can work very well and quickly for you. I have found a spell for fertility is one of the most rewarding spells as the outcome is a beautiful little bundle of joy.  For this spell all parties involved in the spell need to be united for the spells to manifest.

If you have tried every thing and nothing has worked then it’s time for a fertility spell to change this situation.

Fertility Spells Trying Conceive


If you’re reading this article, you might be looking for a way to increase your fertility and ultimately get pregnant (if you’re a woman) or impregnate someone (if you’re a man). Maybe the scientific advances in fertility haven’t worked for you and you are searching for real witches spells to aid you in your desires to create and give life to a little one of your own. No one is here to blame you for wanting to give spiritual and energy work a try!

Whether you are Pagan or not, fertility spells that work CAN work, but only if you believe in them whole-heartedly. If you don’t believe that these fertility spells will work, then they will have no power and the spell will not work. It’s self-fulfilled prophecy. In order to mold and change energy, which is what we do when we perform spells such as fertility spells, we must believe in the energy behind the concept and believe in the ability to manipulate and shape it in order to will it into existence and in alliance with our desires or needs.

Some quick notes before we dive into our fertility spells: the best times to conceive are in the months of May – Mid June, and also on new moons and full moons throughout the year. It is advisable that if you are trying to get pregnant and have been trying for awhile, please stop using testers and kits to find when you’re at your most fertile. Anxiety and stress will only decrease your chances of conceiving, so stop stressing!

Note: If you are a woman trying to get pregnant with a man who doesn’t want children, be warned. For every action, there is a reaction and if you put a fertility spell on someone else, it will come back to you negatively. Same goes for the guys out there – if you’re trying to impregnate a woman without her knowing, be warned. Practice magick with heed and humility.  Continue Reading

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If you are trying to conceive and need assistance Bella is here and she would be happy to cast a spell on your behalf to bring a beautiful bundle of joy into your life.  Bella has been casting witch spells for many years and highly sought after and professional in every way.

To learn more about Bella, Magical Witch Spells and her Fertility Spells