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Mermaids Spells That Work

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Mermaids Spells That Work

Today I have listed some Mermaid Spells that works. Please be aware these mermaid spells will only be effective in water and when you are on land you feet will return as normal.  Mermaid Spells are very popular although like any other spell a spell to become a mermaid needs to be taken seriously and respected, to work.

Mermaid Spells

Do not do this magic witch spell on the night of the full moon.

Half fill your sink. Place the symbol in the water and gently stir with your right hand then place a small snippet of your hair in the water and once again stir the water around gently and do not stop stirring.

While you are stirring the water blow two times into the water and say incantation.

The Witch Spell Incantation.

Mermaid Mermaid it is that I wish to now become a mermaid with a beautiful tail in the color of (you enter the color you wish your tail to be) and the power of (what ever power you wish to have). I wish to be a mermaid when I am wet and a human with feet when I am dry. If you grant me my greatest wish I will be happy and never wail. From now on when I place my symbol on in the water my tail appears although rain water never harm me, So Mote It Be!

That night sleep with your legs crossed and place your hand on your power symbol

You will chant the following spell 3 times:

The mighty and powerful sea of magic that will make me a mermaid now. With the powers of (___Power_____) granting me a mermaid tail in the colour of (what ever colour tail you wish to have).

Magical sea send the powers to me now.

In about 2 hours you will find your legs feel wobbly and a little shaky. From this day forward you will be a mermaid.


A Mermaid Spell That Really Works

Watch this video to see how its done!



Witches and mermaids are both feminine for example. Yes, we do hear of mermen but most stories about mer-people are about female creatures. The same is true of witches. In modern witchcraft or Wicca male witches now exist, but this wasn’t true in the past. Then, all witches were women. It also seems that. like witches, mermaids could weave magic spells. An example of this comes from the Doom Bar, in Padstow Bay, Cornwall, where many ships have been wrecked. Local legend claims that Doom Bar was created by a mermaid?s curse after someone shot at her while she was swimming in the harbour. It seems that in the past people believed in mermaid magic as much as they did that of witches.

Nudity is another thing that links them both. In most stories, mermaids are naked, while witches were roundly condemned by priests in the past for dancing naked in the woods. This is also what the nymphs of Ancient Greece were noted for, mythical female creatures associated with both witches and mermaids.

During the witch hunts of the middle ages there was the cruel practice of the ducking stool, which was seen as a foolproof way to establish whether a suspect was a witch. The woman was tied to the stool and immersed in water. If the suspect drowned she wasn’t a witch but if she survived the ordeal she must be one.

Witch Craft and Mermaids

The history of witchcraft  is a  sad story of tragedy for anyone who was a witch.  Many would accept death as a part of their religion and their beliefs rather than denying their power.  Magic spells have been used successfully for hundred and hundreds of years and even today their is no punishment for practicing witchcraft although there are still many people who will shun you or run a mile,  if they know what you do or are involved with…

In years gone by society thought there were only a few people in the community who were witches (completley untrue) but today there are thousands of people who openly admit they love their craft and make no effort to hide it.

If you are interested in mermaid spells and witchcraft need someone to cast a spell on your behalf contact Bella as she is available to help you achieve your desired outcome.  Bella is a highly sought after professional witch who loves to help people with her Witch Spells.

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